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Our team of experts and industry consultants uncover the ‘pull through’ needs of our clients rather than relying on the more traditional ‘push out’ model used with the typical sales/distribution channel. The entire eXchange is driven by the specific needs of our clients – the buy side.
Our clients come with real initiatives and a commitment to finding a solution. Suppliers come prepared with solutions that challenge conventional wisdom and change business.



By design, nothing at VerticalXchange happens by chance – every meeting happens for a reason. The entire eXchange is calculated and choreographed to match the right business with the right suppliers so each interaction leads to results.


By using our one-of-a-kind customized strategic sourcing, we are revolutionizing the pull through solution model. We act as an expert agent representing our client’s needs. We vet solution providers to maximize outcomes for our clients. 


From the concierge-level service extended to each guest to the meticulous planning and the well-orchestrated pace, VerticalXchange sets the platinum standard for meeting events.


Xchange 365:

VX is the powerhouse behind over 14,000 senior level meetings and now introduces our Sales Consulting division.