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"The BeefXchange meeting was a very efficient platform to glean a lot of information about the suppliers quickly.  I think it allowed producers and vendors to identify future opportunities that would or would not exist."

Levi Barry, Tejas Feeding Group  


partnerships drive results ... and take time. We make them possible.

As a feedlot producer, you know that running a successful feedlot requires a combination of love for your work and your animals, constantly pursuing best practices and cost management, and staying on top of technology advances that keep your herd and operation healthy. Oh, and then there's the time. All of this takes a lot of time. 

That's why, even though you know strategic partnerships with your suppliers and technology providers are important, taking the time out for the endless meetings required to find the best partners and meet with them individually is just not in the cards. That's why we created BeefXchange (BX). 

For each BX, we start by recruiting America's leading feedlot producers, and then we create a detailed profile of your specific needs and challenges. Using those profiles, we go out and find top suppliers to meet your needs. 

At BX, our producers and suppliers can expect

  • Strategic Advantage – BX recognized the unique need for independently-owned feedlot operation owners to have a more efficient way of growing their strategic business partnerships beyond just the distribution mode.
  • Efficiency & Sales Opportunities – BX is designed to provide innovative suppliers with an efficient and custom way to meet with high-end feedlot operation owners from around the country.

  • VIP Experience – Powered by VerticalXchange, the BX team arranges strategic, private, one-on-one meetings with feedlot owners to discuss strategic business opportunities in an environment conducive to building relationship.

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