A Meeting at PTX Leads to a Cost Saving Solution for OSI

Mike Yeager, VP of Engineering at OSI, met with Clean Water Technology (CWT) and other new firms at PTX. Several of these suppliers had shared with Mike that they had made multiple proposals (up to 6) into local plants and had gotten no traction. “What suppliers need to understand is that the plant perspective may be limited by the world in which they live. While working with global companies, one needs to use a global perspective. A corporate connection should be an important element of any business strategy.” Without a senior level management executive (like Mike) driving the adaptation of new concepts and technologies, the odds for success are severely limited. Most plant-level managers are not empowered to make strategic decisions. Their focus is typically upon execution and risk avoidance and they may actually filter out the new ideas and technologies prematurely (while still in the discovery process)”.

The referenced suppliers were frustrated that despite the investment of several trips to plants, and submitting up to six different proposals, they were not getting anywhere. What I offered for insight to their lack of success is this; “I am a critical player in the decision making process, yet I was not even aware of these proposals. Without my endorsement, these new proposals were not going to happen.”

As a result of the relation that developed between Mike and CWT, and their on-going dialog, CWT has been chosen to install a waste water treatment system as part of a green field plant that is currently being built in Riverside, CA.

CWT demonstrated to me that they understood the industry challenges and were forward thinking in their approach, thus their very focused presentation of their product along with demonstrations at both plant and CWT factory sites resulted in gaining my trust and drove my desire to learn more. CWT showed great interest in learning about our specific situation and worked to develop a complete solution (GEM technology) to meet our needs”.