ABM Franchising Group Grows its Business at MechanicalXchange

When Jim Wharton, the area Vice President at ABM, was first approached about participating in MechanicalXchange (MX), his greatest hesitation was trying to afford the time to do it. Wharton soon realized that the advantages of MX far outweighed the time away from the office. “There are 5-7 new major relationships we have developed with leading manufacturers that did not exist prior to MX – Without the top to top meetings at the eXchange, I doubt we would be working with those key manufacturers. I have been attending for 6 straight years, and I still view it as a great investment of my time.”

Attending MX gave Wharton the opportunity to improve his relationship with Emerson, the type of leap forward he likely couldn’t have achieved elsewhere. “The advantage that I saw with the Xchange was that it connected me immediately with key players within Emerson Corporate. Emerson was engaged during our private meeting and ultimately created customized and personalized branded training for us. They also made us aware of energy retro fits that our organization was not aware of. We now have a direct line to the “head-shed” with several Emerson Divisions, and that translates into quicker response time for our organization and our clients. That would have never happened if I was just dealing with a local representative.”

The Role of MechanicalXchange: “I strive to find new programs that will be exciting for our franchisees. I can meet with a sales guy every day but that’s not the reason I come to MX. It’s really to have the opportunity to meet with the leaders of those particular key manufacturers and companies.” Not only was Wharton able to form a strategic alliance with Emerson, he was also able to establish senior level relationships with several other manufacturers. “[MX] gave us the ability to meet efficiently with some senior players representing large manufacturers. Even an organization as large as ABM finds value in MX. I can definitively say that ABM has increased our business due to MX. It is a unique format which maximizes our time and fosters relationships that benefit both our businesses. Because we are both busy, we can consolidate weeks and months worth of meetings over two days of focused meetings. Just one business trip”.

MechanicalXchangeJuli Patty