Altronix Identifies SecurityXchange As A Platform For Client Development

Altronix Corporation has been a participant at SecurityXchange since its inception with impressive results. “Initially we were not convinced that the meeting format would work with security professionals given the depth of conversation usually required to identify and match customers’ needs with Altronix solutions, but it has most definitely proven effective,” said Gary Zatz, National Sales Manager at Altronix. “As the majority of attending integrators are already using our products, the key to maximizing our presence is in quality planning prior to each event, so we can focus our presentations based on what our collective customers would be interested in.”

SecurityXchange has become a useful platform for Altronix to connect with various customers that typically purchase products through the company’s extensive reseller network. By engaging in face to face conversation at the executive level, Altronix has further cultivated relationships with SecurityXchange attendees while highlighting new, and often yet to be released product solutions.

“In addition to the business development opportunities that SecurityXchange offers, the resource serves as a think-tank where we can openly share ideas based on actual needs and emerging technology trends. These meetings are also great relationship builders with both new and established business partners,” said Mr. Zatz. “The SecurityXchange format is definitely challenging given the number of meetings held over a few days, but it’s certainly an extremely efficient use of everyone’s time.”

SecurityXchangeJuli Patty