Ameristar Notes Quantifiable and Qualitative Results from Consistent, Multi-Year Attendance at SecurityXchange

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Ameristar Notes Quantifiable and Qualitative Results from Consistent, Multi-Year Attendance at SecurityXchange

“We now are actively doing business with 24 systems integrators as a result of attending SecurityXchange every year since 2004.” says Barry Willingham, Vice President, Security and Specified products, Ameristar Fence, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ameristar, founded in 1982, is the world’s largest manufacturer of ornamental fencing.

We met some of these integrators at SecurityXchange and others were referred to us by people we met at SecurityXchange,” continues Willingham. “Our relationship with one large national integrator, for example, has generated several million dollars in new revenue for us and as much as $10 million in contract revenue for them. In one case, this integrator was able to increase a client contract from $850,000 to $2.3 million by adding our fencing platform—and still maintain the same margin on the job.”

“We were just getting our high-end security fencing solutions off the ground when we attended SecurityXchange for the first time in 2004.” Willingham continues by saying, “Today, we’re well on our way to our goal of building an annual $30 million integrator business in both security and non-security fencing,” he says. “On a scale of one to 10, I give SecurityXchange an 11 for helping us grow our business. This event has been the catalyst, enabling us to drive our company into new business areas. Thanks to our continuing attendance at SecurityXchange, we’ve been able to put Ameristar on the fast track. ” SecurityXchange has enabled Ameristar to establish strong relationships with integrators around the country in a short period of time,” continues Willingham.

While Willingham has attended many kinds of industry events and trade shows for Ameristar, he only returns to the ones he finds valuable. Willingham has cited several reasons for why he continues to attend SecurityXchange.

Three Reasons for Attending SecurityXchange

  1. “The people and companies I’ve met with year after year are top quality,” he notes. “These are senior people who can pull the trigger to make things happen in their
    companies.” As a result, this isn’t just a feel good gathering, it’s a worthwhile event.”
  2. The event is well-organized and runs on time,” says Willingham. “SecurityXchange staff are always working behind the scenes to connect people they feel should meet, based on their understanding of attendees’ needs.
  3. “SecurityXchange is a professional event, run professionally. Sure, there’s fun and socializing, but there’s a strong business purpose that people stick to,” continues Willingham. “We appreciate that because it costs time and money to attend SecurityXchange. But the return on that investment for Ameristar has been outstanding and keeps us coming back.”

Follow Up is Key

Willingham advises attendees that simply going to SecurityXchange is not enough. “It’s like meeting someone you like at a party. If you don’t get their phone number and follow up, nothing happens.” Willingham works extensively after the event to develop business with integrators he meets at SecurityXchange. He admits that it can take time, especially since fencing technology is new to many integrators.

“High security fencing is such a departure from the norm that it often doesn’t make sense at first to integrators,” Willingham explains. “But if you keep coming back to them with how it can solve real needs for their clients and enable them to differentiate themselves, they see the value. It’s a win for integrators and their clients—and for Ameristar. For example, we met with one integrator at SecurityXchange for three straight years. We kept learning about his and his clients’ needs and talking about ways Ameristar could fit in his business. Now we’re doing projects with his company for clients in California, Georgia, Texas and Canada.” Concludes Willingham.

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