Blake Hollis met with a new technology supplier to solve a complex challenge

Blake Hollis, President of a 7,000 acre farm in Blackhawk County, Iowa, said that they attended FarmFuturesXchange (FFX) this year in the midst of a technical evolution on his farm. “We needed to upgrade our IT and records management system” said Blake Hollis. “We had a ‘hodge- podge’ of different systems that we were using including some off the shelf software, our ‘home grown databases’, and other temporary solutions. If we were going to make this upgrade, we wanted to do it right, for instance so that our computers would be able to interface with the tractor, and to be able to control that from the cab. I was determined that this solution was going to be cloud based, and in real time”.

“FFX provided us the opportunity to get exposure to new technology and evaluate vendors side by side. After evaluating other solutions, we settled on Conservis. Meeting with their senior management team, specifically Eric Jackson, President, Ag Services, allowed me to get comfortable with the principles of the organization, and get a very clear understanding not only of how their systems could help me today, but where they were headed as a company.”

“The other advantage we got by meeting with the senior management team at FFX was that I actually got input in their product development, which gave me a huge learning curve advantage. They actually developed the solution around my needs”. “The Conservis solution gives me real time feedback, and I can access that data anywhere; from my smart phone to my home computer. I can now keep tabs on my inventory throughout the entire season, and I can run reports on individual field information that I need.

Lastly, going through this process at FFX with Conservis helped me realize we needed to add more improvements to our overall operations. Developing partnerships with technology providers and having senior level discussions has provided me insights I did not expect.