HID Global Stays on Top of Industry Trends and Strengthens Partnerships At SX

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HID Global Stays on Top of Industry Trends and Strengthens Partnerships At SX

HID Global is a worldwide security industry leader. Odds are that Paul Kluttz, Vice President, Installing Dealer Channel Team, North America, could meet with anyone in the industry anytime he wants. Yet every year he chooses to attend SecurityXchange (SX).

“I travel all over the country and, quite frankly, SX is one of the most efficient methods of interacting with integrators,” said Kluttz. “We just find that spending two days in this environment really helps us connect more with our customers and synthesize information and needs. The event gives us the opportunity to check to see how we’re doing as far as our products, solutions, and services and the way we interact with the integrators.”

“I have yet to encounter a situation where I can see 10 people in one day on separate interviews. There is a time efficiency here which is very important.”

Time is a valuable commodity, and since one can never spend too much time interfacing with current and potential customers, SX is the most efficient way to make that interaction happen. Not only does SX save time, it also uses time wisely by ensuring only top-level decision makers attend.

“As a senior manager, it’s certainly important for me and the company to be able to interact with other senior management of our partners to be able to cross-validate that we’re providing the services and products that are needed.”

The Reason: Said Kluttz, “I don’t think you can communicate with your customer too much, and I think as long as our customers’ senior management from the top integrators around the country are willing to engage with us, we’re always open to those discussions. I really believe that you can’t see your senior management and your customers too often.”

Year after year, Kluttz participates in SX because it’s the most efficient way to see new and existing clients. Even though HID Global hosts its own round table discussions, SX still provides another opportunity for Kluttz to get in front of clients.

“I think it’s part of our responsibility as leaders in the industry to interact with other top leaders in the industry – be they manufacturers or integrators that use our products. And I think that we’re all very busy people. Everybody is under cost and time constraints and to be able to sit down and exchange ideas, concepts, observations, and business trends from senior management to senior management is something that I don’t know if you can really quantify. I bring 3 other people with me and we always try to pack the two days because there’s so much to be gained.”

Final Thought: Not only is SecurityXchange efficient. Not only does SecurityXchange deliver senior level decision makers. But SecurityXchange provides a private and focused atmosphere where real conversations can take place and real business relationships can flourish.

Kluttz said, “When you have SX, as opposed to something else that’s being sponsored, SX is neutral ground. That tends to put a different psychology to how we interact with integrators and end users. And I can’t say this enough – we learn something every time.”

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