Hill York Grows Business at MechanicalXchange

When Jeff Phillabaum, the President of Hill York, was first approached about participating in MechanicalXchange (MX), his greatest hesitation was trying to afford the time to do it. Phillabaum soon realized that the advantages of MX included ultimately saving him time. “Obviously for the investment of 2-3 days meeting 19 companies – there is no way that I could have ever touched that many key people or companies or had that many meetings in that short of a time span. So it really was a great investment.”

Attending MX gave Phillabaum the opportunity to accomplish the type of business he likely couldn’t have achieved elsewhere. “The advantage that I saw with the Xchange was that it connected me immediately with key players within the manufacturing group. Lennox had been an alliance partner of ours for a while, but by meeting with some of the key people that are more involved with the ownership and the operation of the business, we were able to discuss our respective goals. We agreed as companies that we were going to form an alliance to attack a specific market. That would have never happened if I would have just dealt with a local representative.”

The Challenge:  Phillabaum was looking for ways to form more strategic partnerships with companies he was currently doing business with. Trying to form that allegiance at a local level would have been time consuming and highly unlikely.

The Role of MechanicalXchange:  “I can meet with a sales guy every day but that’s not the reason I come to MX. It’s really to have the opportunity to meet with the leaders of those particular manufacturers and companies.” Not only was Phillabaum able to form a strategic alliance with Lennox, but he was also able to solidify a relationship with Sanyo. “[MX] gave us the ability to put together some key players. And I think that’s where the difference is in doing business and growing the business.”

The Result:  When asked if he could have gotten to the level of attendee he did at MX on his own, Phillabaum replied, “I’m not sure we ever could have gotten there. I may never have allocated the time to go through all that rigmarole to get there.” At MX, Hill York solidified relationships with several companies and, as an example, completed projects with Sanyo that were valued at approximately $1.5 million dollars. As for his relationship with Lennox, Phillabaum said, “with Lennox, we are looking at a market focus in Florida that is substantially into the six figures even though we haven’t done anything yet, we’re moving in that direction to really create a competitive advantage for us.”

“The relationships aren’t necessarily about tracking the dollars that a particular meeting contributed to, but it’s really trying to create a competitive advantage for us. In today’s market, there is no question that competitive advantage makes a major difference.”

MechanicalXchangeJuli Patty