J.W. Danforth finds MechanicalXchange Priceless

J.W. Danforth finds MechanicalXchange Priceless

Todd Follis is a very active senior executive at J.W. Danforth, splitting time between the office and being out in the field most days. Todd has attended MechanicalXchange (MX) for 4 consecutive years, and serves on the MX advisory board. “I use MX in a very strategic way”, said Follis. “I find that when I can meet the senior management teams from leading manufacturers I can leverage those relationships to grow our business. I enter the one on one meetings with the intent of exploring how we can grow our respective businesses in a symbiotic way. The top to top meetings cut out a lot of noise, and enables both J.W. Danforth and the manufacturers to put deals together that benefit both parties”.

“I know attending MX puts literally months back on my calendar…the process of MX setting up these meetings, customizing my meetings, and taking care of all of the logistics is priceless. While I may be able to accomplish this on my own, I simply do not have the time to get it done. Even if I did have the time, when I think of the money it would cost me to complete these meetings up on my own, it would be in the tens of thousands of dollars”.

As a direct result of Todd developing and nurturing relationships at MX, he can point to many competitive advantages. “Stronger relationships with our Vendors and Suppliers enable me to bring resolution to issues far more rapidly than normal. If there is a problem with manufacturing, or supply chain issues, I can now expedite the fix by dealing with the right people from the outset”.

Todd shared that another huge competitive advantage flows from a much deeper understanding of his manufacturers companies and senior management, and vice versa. “We work together to conduct our annual planning. They have a deep understanding of what we are trying to accomplish, and this enables us to maximize efficiencies and reduce costs. If this level of understanding can provide J.W. Danforth $250,000 – $300,000 in annual cost savings, that falls right to our bottom line”.

“I was asked to compare MX to other industry events, and my answer was there is no comparison! The MX process cuts out waste, there are no inefficiencies, and I know exactly what I am going to accomplish while I am there. My entire experience is customized for me. This is the top event in the industry nothing is even close”.

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