Kansas Farmer Forms Partnership With Water Street Solutions – Partnership is a Game Changer.

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Kansas Farmer Forms Partnership With Water Street Solutions – Partnership is a Game Changer.

Kevin Struss from Struss Farms, a Kansas producer that farms 17,000 acres, attended FarmFuturesXchange (FFX) looking to form strategic partnerships that could help him improve his operation. Struss said “I challenged the FFX team with some difficult, hard to solve challenges we have been trying to address, and they delivered. The outcomes far exceeded my highest expectations”.

Struss cited a new partnership they formed with Water Street Solutions as an example of what he termed a “game changer” for his operation; “When we met the Water Street Solutions senior management team, we finally discovered a management firm that allowed us to marry our financials, marketing, and personal life, and now I sleep a lot better at night. This is a partnership that I have been seeking out for years, and because of FFX, we formed a long-term partnership”. Struss also shared that his banker was “…thrilled not only with the structure of this new partnership with Water Street Solutions, but the results are realistic and obtainable”.

“One example in working with Water Street Solutions is that I sold my corn ‘more than a $1 ago’”, said Struss. “They are courteous, factual, and down to earth. We have formed a long-term relationship. FarmFuturesXchange is responsible for forming our partnership with Water Street Solutions.”

“They’ve given me good, solid advice that has proven profitable. That is already reflected on my bottom line. They have helped me to set and meet attainable goals, they have taken the ‘guesswork’ out, and demonstrated to me that their only goal is to make me successful.”

“FFX was a great use of my time and we walked away from the experience thrilled. Probably could say it was the best 3 days of my year, I could not have accomplished this without FFX.”