Kwasny Sees Big Impact in Short Time at PTX

Keith Kwasny, the President of Kwasny/SaniCrete, has long been a proponent of VerticalXchange. Prior to attending ProcessTechnologyXchange (PTX), he was involved with a sister event, MeatProcessingXchange (MPX). Keith was happy with the track record of VerticalXchange and it was because of his positive experience at MPX that he decided to try PTX.

Said Keith, “my one concern before I committed to PTX was cost because it appeared to be expensive, but it turns out it has paid off. I opt to continue to come back because there is a substantial return on investment. We are a small company compared to most of the attendees that come and it still makes sense for us to spend the money to attend.

Even though most meetings are arranged prior to any of the companies arriving on-site, Keith wound up adding Cliffstar to his schedule late. I had never heard of them before PTX so I didn’t even know they existed, and I’m sure they didn’t know I existed. I took the meeting on the chance there was a need there and because they had enough facilities to warrant a meeting. It turns out it has been one of our best meeting so far. There was a fairly substantial opportunity at Cliffstar for us.

The Challenge:  As the president of a relatively small company, Keith attended PTX as a way to create new business relationships. “The way the event is structured, you have 50-60 minutes to do business and share needs and capabilities. You get to socialize with these folks as well, though, so you get to know them as a person.”

The Project:  Keith didn’t initially expect to talk to Cliffstar about a substantial project since his assumption was that a beverage plant wouldn’t spend a lot of money, but he was wrong. Cliffstar recently discovered that, as a supplier to Wal-Mart, they quickly had to adhere to SQF guidelines. Kwasny/SaniCrete did two test projects at two different locations and then bid the five plants as one contract because one of Cliffstar’s top priorities was establishing a national partnership with a vendor.

The Result:  “I don’t know the exact number, but the revenue for this project is in excess of $400,000. Based on the relationship we built with Dom [Enstrom, Sr. Dir. Manufacturing & Engineering Services at Cliffstar] at PTX and through our test projects, our original contract grew. We’ve done more revenue at other companies, but this has had the biggest impact and the largest amount of revenue in the 3 months since we came back from PTX.

Keith met with Cliffstar at PTX in September and when the PTX staff spoke with him just after the new year, the project was already complete. According to Keith, these projects generally take longer and he even has some that he has been working on for two years that are just beginning to come to fruition.

“I think the benefit to PTX is not just spending the 50 minute meeting with someone, but also two and a half days getting to know them as a person. My only fear is that my competition will hear how good PTX is.