LifeSafety Power – First Year Success

Even with unique, cost competitive offerings, and 40 plus year industry veterans on staff LifeSafety Power has found it essential to reach high level executives with their message and products. John Olliver, Vice President of Sales for LifeSafety Power noted, “if you can develop a relationship with just one of those organizations at a high level that has tremendous opportunity for any company.”


Four months removed, LifeSafety Power has seen impressive ROI. Olliver says, “We have product evaluations out with about 85% of the people that we met with. In most cases, pretty much everybody we met with we are moving forward in the process of getting them changed over to our power system.”

What is Different at SecurityXchange (SX)?

Olliver indentifies the undercurrent of the SecurityXchange experience as one of the many factors to success, “the intensity is higher in the sense that everyone there understands the purpose of the venue and that is to try and figure out what companies have the right product, what integrators are the right companies for a manufacture. I think when everyone has that same mindset; that you’re there to try to improve your organization whether it’s by buying a better product or selling to bigger companies, I think everyone understands the importance of the venue and they take it seriously.”

Complement to the Traditional Sales Process

LifeSafety Power has a network of reps, but also sees value in supplementing that traditional sales strategy with SecurityXchange. Olliver says, “Relying only on local reps is a long road. And you can be successful, there’s no question, it’s tried and true. But there’s a lot of value in knowing the national picture, what people at a national level are interested in, because those guys are thinking more strategically and the local branches are thinking more tactically of what a product can do for a specific customer on a specific job site. The national guys think strategically about what products can benefit the organizations overall.”

Using SecurityXchange as another tool to support his reps was a key benefit that Olliver found, “That’s the other value of SecurityXchange, you’re able to enhance what a rep does by meeting high level management so that you develop your own personal relationship that complements what the rep is doing at the local level.”

Stepping Outside the Box

With 40 years of industry relationships, LifeSafety Power’s management team could assume that is all they need to get their foot in the door, but connections don’t guarantee maximum sales. As Olliver reflects, “We all get into a rut sometimes of talking to people we know and enjoy and consider a friend but…sometimes you have to ask yourself; are you getting everything you can out of that customer and if the answer is no, then you have to do something different if you want to break through with that account.”

The Unique Format

Although unsure of the full potential of SecurityXchange, LifeSafety Power decided that the 40-minute private meeting format with 3 days of access to high level decision makers of top systems integrators was worth the investment. “It isn’t just a formal meeting. At SecurityXchange you have 3 days to try to make your case with that individual in different social settings. And if you’ve got a good product and you are bringing them value you should be able to open a door in that 3 day period. “

LifeSafety Power found that success was also in the details: “the SecurityXchange setting is extremely professional, and that is very important, Olliver stated. You have private rooms and uninterrupted meeting time. There are other organizations where all the meeting areas are in one large hall or conference room with little separated area that is not very private. The fact that you can set up your product in a suite and have the integrators come to you so that you are always set in the same location is a big advantage.” Additionally Olliver notes, “The profiles and the pre discussions that we had with all the companies were key so that by the time we got to SecurityXchange we were able to review each company’s hot buttons and be sure to cover those things during our 40 minutes together.”

Achieving Success

SecurityXchange may not deliver the moon, but it provides an effective launch pad for those with a strong product and service offering. As Olliver concluded, “Of course there is a tremendous amount of follow up that has to happen afterwards. SecurityXchange doesn’t guarantee you business, it opens the door and then you have to do your own work to follow up after that. To have that door opened at a high level is very important and that’s difficult to do when you are trying to address some of these large national integrators on a branch by branch basis. At SecurityXchange you can develop a corporate relationship in one meeting.”

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