North Dakota Farmer Forms Partnership With DuPont Pioneer–Unleashes New Profit Growth

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North Dakota Farmer Forms Partnership With DuPont Pioneer–Unleashes New Profit Growth

Vance Zacharias and his father Vaughn, from Future Vision Partnership out of Kathryn, North Dakota, just recently improved their relationship with Pioneer, and had a strategic account manager from Pioneer assigned to them. They had been purchasing some of their seed from Pioneer, and had been approached about some other Pioneer services, but nothing had materialized.

They attended FarmFuturesXchange and had a one on one, private meeting with Thomas Haun, Market Development Manger – Pioneer Services, and their relationship grew.

“Our relationship became a true partnership” said Vance Zacharias. “We formed a very healthy two way collaboration and discussed how Pioneer could provide additional technology services for our operation. One technology that we learned about was the Encirca Nitrogen Management Program. We later agreed to begin a pilot program on 700 acres.”

Vance commented “We learned a great deal about our nitrogen use, for example and perhaps the greatest benefit was it caused us to change our practices across our entire operation and adapt our current usage rate for nitrogen. We learned that we were deficient on some acres, that there are critical points for nitrogen application, and that the environment plays a critical role in nitrogen availability.”

“As part of the pilot program Pioneer put up weather stations that allowed us to monitor GDU’s, temperature, and rainfall – that provided us accurate data on all 700 acres. Then they did soil tests and leaf tissue samples to prove their predictive model’s accuracy. The levels of available Nitrogen throughout the growing season were proven, so we were able to build confidence in the program and ultimately adjust our practices. This also led us to be more effective with our inputs and to maximize our yields.

Prior to this test program with Pioneer, we just did not have the tools to make those decisions.”

“Through this program we discovered we had been inhibiting the top end yields and not maximizing our true potential. In terms of measurement, the cost was $10.00 per acre, but the payback was very strong.”

We felt like a true partner, we are now playing a role in helping further develop this system by sharing our views as they refined it. We have had visits from five different senior Pioneer executives and a by-product of those visits is that we heard first-hand insights about new technology that Pioneer is developing.”

“I am not sure this partnership with Pioneer would have happened without FarmFuturesXchange. The meeting with Thomas set this all in motion. The one on one private meeting setting with all of the preparation was critical, the environment that happens at FarmFuturesXchange is unique and was a better forum to form a healthy partnership. Meeting away from my operation got me out of my comfort zone, and good things happened.”