PTX Helps Butterball, LLC realize impressive ROI

Matt Giroux, Corporate Project Manager of Butterball, LLC was looking for a supplier to help him with a flow wrapping packaging challenge at one of his plants. “My first move was to reach out to our existing supplier base. If they do not have the solution to help me I am then reliant on either conducting a lot of research, which ties up hard to find internal resources, or to field sales calls from new suppliers.”

“Instead of the more traditional approach for this project I asked the folks at PTX to help me identify a solution provider. PTX actually uncovered the ideal solution, a machine that Ilapak manufactures. The solution was a surprise in many ways; first, we had used a different Ilapak machine in one of our other plants, but were not aware they had this particular application, perhaps due to the fact at the time we did not have an active relationship. Secondly, the cost of their machine was significantly less than we had budgeted and lastly, the smaller size of that machine’s footprint saved us valuable floor space. It was truly a win, win, win”.

“The solution that PTX found for us also delivered a very high ROI, we had payback in less than one year” said Giroux. “This solution enabled us to eliminate 2-3 people per shift, which contributed to our strong ROI.”

PTX also provides a very valuable service for Butterball – “PTX acts as our agent to vet out solution providers. I get so many cold calls every day, I just do not have time to deal with them. There is also a stigma that is attached to a pure cold call. There is an initial distrust barrier that I put up. At PTX, not only are the meetings with suppliers very targeted to meet my needs, but I meet with the vendors senior management teams, and it provides a comfort level that helps me make a decision with far more confidence”.

PTX saves me literally weeks and months of back and forth communications with suppliers. By meeting with the senior management teams of these companies, it accelerates the entire process. I also enjoy meeting the multi-functional teams the suppliers send to PTX. Rather than meeting with a local rep, I get multiple disciplines in my meeting to more quickly and accurately address my specific challenges”.

“There are hundreds of suppliers that we do not have regular contact with and often there is no time to sift through the new and existing technologies that they can bring into our company.”