Redi Controls Saves Time and Earns Money at MechanicalXchange

Mark Key, the VP of Sales & Marketing at Redi Controls, has been attending MechanicalXchange (MX) since the first year. He has been a proponent since 2004– and for good reason. Before attending MX, Key said, “we were primarily in contact with the service technicians or maybe the service manager at mechanical contractors. MX gave us the opportunity to show some of the products to the upper echelon in the companies. It was a top-down approach. It made the upper echelon realize that we are not just a part here-and-there type of supplier, but that we are an integral supplier for them.”

The opportunity to meet with the “upper echelons” wasn’t available to Key prior to attending MX. “We might never get in front of these guys on our own. It’s hard to get to the right people to talk to them and convince them. It’s different when you can sit in front of them and really go through what you are selling them, what other opportunities you have, and then they definitely see the opportunity.”

Not only does MX put the top-level decision makers in a room with Key, but they also qualify each company that attends MX. “You can drop $40,000-$50,000 for [a trade] show and have a 10×10 booth and you are just hoping people step in. Even if it is the right person at the show, they are so stretched with meeting so many people and absorbing the show that it makes it hard for them to focus. At MX, for half the cost, you are going to meet with twice as many people – if not three or four times as many – and they are the right people.”

The Challenge:  Redi Controls needed an efficient way to launch and tweak their new line of chillers. They also needed a way to create relationships within the top levels of companies they did business with so that they could begin to change the perceptions. The industry perception was that Redi Controls was simply for point solutions when, in fact, they could be a more embedded supplier.

The Result: Over the last 4 years, attending MX has helped Redi Controls yield over 2 million dollars in revenue. “We were already doing business with some of these companies, but they were buying stuff that was mostly service oriented. To get them interested in the proactive energy saving solutions would have easily taken twice the amount of time to get those accounts closed.”

“At MX, you can meet with 20 people at once as opposed to sitting at your desk or traveling. If you figure that each meeting individually could be a weekend trip in its own, that’s almost half a year in business trips. These are the type of people you want to meet with face-to-face. You’ve got the time; you just don’t realize it. MX is an efficient way to kill more birds with one stone.”

The Take-Away:  What is the most valuable take-away from MX? Said Key, “Meeting with key decision makers for the organizations we do business with.”

MX is about more than just the people and companies you meet with, though. Key said, “There is the benefit of word of mouth because these guys are all in networks and they talk to each other, so it spreads out. There is an extension beyond the Xchange because the information gets out to their network.”

MechanicalXchangeJuli Patty