Rick Niese met with the Claas Leadership team at FFX and as a direct result purchased three new Lexion Combines

Rick Niese, owns and operates one of the largest farms in the State of Ohio, and had been running “green” combines for years. “Last year we owned three new 680’s, and we were not looking to trade those in for new ones until the 2015 season” said Niese. “I had contemplated the possibility of demoing a Lexion (Yellow) combine next fall”.

“As I said we had always been “green”, plus I was hesitant to use a Claas machine because I was not comfortable that they could offer top service, or get me parts when I needed them”.

“When I attended FarmFuturesXchange (FFX), I decided to meet with the Claas leadership team to learn more about their combine, and learn more about their company, philosophy and discuss other issues. I met with Jeff Gray, and two other members of the leadership team from Claas, and I was thoroughly impressed with not only these three, but what I learned about the efficiencies of the Lexion Combine”.

“Jeff Gray, a member of the leadership team, was clearly passionate about their product and that got me very comfortable. The fact that I was meeting face to face with their senior management team rather than a local dealer made all the difference in the world to me. At the end of the day, it is people that get things done, and I was convinced that having a good relationship with the Claas leadership team was going to be good for our operation”.

As a direct result of meeting with Claas at FFX, Niese made the decision to move forward and purchased three new Lexion Combines for the 2014 season. “We were so impressed after meeting with them that we decided to move forward and purchase three new Lexion combines this year rather than demoing one first and then deciding. The bottom line is that they impressed us so much that we made the move a year early”.

“Obviously this was a major decision for us, with a significant investment, and it was not something we took lightly. The face to face meeting with their leadership team was clearly the catalyst for our decision. What it came down to for us was a combination of getting comfortable with their technology, the quality of the machine they manufactured, and having a top level relationship with their leadership team”.