SecurityXchange Enables 14-Time Integrator Attendee to Establish and Keep Senior Level Manufacturer Relationships

“I give SecurityXchange full credit for putting me together with, and keeping me connected to manufacturers that are key to my business, including HID, Sony, Rutherford, Assa Abloy and others” says Matt Ladd, President, Protection Bureau, Philadelphia, one of the largest security systems integrators in the Mid Atlantic region. “Our SecurityXchange participation has definitely made a contribution to our steady growth from about $8 million in revenue in 2003 to $15 million today.”

“One of my responsibilities at Protection Bureau is establishing and maintaining manufacturer relationships,” continues Ladd. “Strategically, I want relationships with people at the top so I have someone to call who can make things happen when there’s a problem. SecurityXchange has enabled me to connect with those decision makers and keep the connections strong year after year.”

“I attended the first SecurityXchange in 2003 and every one since,” adds Ladd “The unique format of SecurityXchange—15 to 20 one-on-one sessions with high level decision makers from a wide range of manufacturers—enables me to establish new relationships and solidify existing ones with revenue partners and sources.”

Ladd suggests that SecurityXchange particularly benefits:

  • Smaller manufacturers that need to get their name and message out to people who wouldn’t otherwise learn about them.
  • Established manufacturers that want to solidify existing relationships in a time and cost-effective venue.

Benefits of Attending SecurityXchange

Several benefits keep Ladd coming back to SX:

Uninterrupted discussions. “It’s very refreshing to have time with manufacturers when I can be 100 percent focused on them and they can be 100 percent focused on me,” explains Ladd. “That opportunity isn’t available at any other industry event I attend.”

Meet new manufacturers. “I’ve met, and started doing business with, several manufacturers at SecurityXchange, some of which I wouldn’t have taken phone calls from at the office because I didn’t know them,” Ladd notes. “Meeting manufacturers at SecurityXchange gives them the opportunity to help Protection Bureau solve problems and create better solutions for our clients. From that foundation, they can build their business with us based on performance.”

“For example,” he says, “we had no relationship with HID before SecurityXchange. But we had a client that needed a two-technology card, one of which was HID. When HID said they had stopped making that card, our client couldn’t get badges or would have had to issue two badges to each employee. I had a session set up with HID senior people at SecurityXchange that year and explained the problem. Almost immediately, they arranged for HID to change all my client’s readers to iClass and provide iClass cards at no charge. I don’t think this would have happened without the connection made at SecurityXchange. We now primarily sell HID cards and readers and participate in HID’s special programs, such as the Corporate 1000, which enables us to offer customers a 35-bit card format tailored to their needs.”

Ladd provides another case in point: “I look for products that have Sony chips in them specifically because a Sony executive convinced me of their value in our meeting at SecurityXchange.”

Deepen existing manufacturer relationships. Ladd looks forward to meeting with senior people from the manufacturers he does business with, including Dedicated Micros and Altronics. “I wouldn’t have a chance to talk with them if not for SecurityXchange,” he says.

Interact with other integrators. “My business benefits when I learn what other integrators are doing successfully in their businesses,” Ladd states. “We have a chance to share best practices at SecurityXchange.”

SecurityXchangeJuli Patty