Titus uses MechanicalXchange to help grow their business

One of the primary reasons Keith Glasch, VP of Sales and Marketing at Titus HVAC, attends MechanicalXchange each and every year is that they are truly challenged with how difficult it is to get unfiltered, direct feedback about the effectiveness of their reps in a given market. Getting unfiltered direct feedback from large contractors proves priceless.

“Every single year at MX, I have learned a great deal about how our reps are performing, and used that information to develop a strategic plan to increase our sales with large DB Contractors”, said Glasch. “One large DB contractor I met this year at MX told me that because of the rep we had in the marketplace, we were not getting the bulk of their business. As a result of getting that candid feedback, we proceeded to make an adjustment, and expect a $500,000 sales increase in the next 12 months with that one DB Contractor”.

“We also met this year with the President and Senior VP of Comfort Systems, and we were very surprised to learn how poorly our rep in this major metropolitan market was perceived by the senior management team at Comfort Systems. Their team shared with us their perception of not only our rep, but of other reps in the market”.

“This market intelligence produced two results: First, we conducted an “intervention” with the rep in that market and had them take corrective action, including enhancing their engineering staff to represent us. Secondly, the information provided by Comfort Systems lead us to develop a robust, strategic set of guidelines that does an excellent job of providing a more strategic roadmap for our reps. We found this so impactful, that we are rolling out this program nationally”.

Glasch went on; “We feel this adjustment in a contractor’s market will mean a year over year growth of $500,000 in incremental sales, and will serve us well into the future by setting up better and repeatable processes and systems to insure our new products and technology information reach the senior management teams, an area we discovered we were not executing”.

“Some of my peers have asked me if I simply could have found out this information and market intelligence elsewhere, and I have said emphatically ‘absolutely not’ ”. Glasch has been a participant at MechanicalXchange for many years and has been a tremendous supporter of the program.

“What I tell large contractors and other manufacturers about MX is that you don’t know what you don’t know. With the rate of speed that this business moves, it is impossible to stay on top of all the changes. MX has opened our eyes to many areas that require our attention, and one area in particular is that reps in general do not do a good job of getting new product introductions to the senior management teams at large DB Contractors. We have learned in order to stay relevant and continue to grow our sales, we have to be nimble and be able to adapt to an ever changing landscape. MX helps us accomplish those goals”.

MechanicalXchangeJuli Patty