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“The fact that I was meeting face-to-face with their leadership rather than a local
dealership team made all the difference in the world to me.”

Rick Niese, President of Niese Farms


FFX is an exclusive & strategic meeting experience that introduces large-scale growers to innovative suppliers.

FarmFuturesXchange (FFX) sets up private meetings between Growers and Suppliers who have a mutually beneficial reason to discuss strategic business opportunities. Growers who attend FFX have an identified commitment to growth, innovation, and have the authority to make decisions about solutions that improve their operations. FFX Suppliers bring proven innovation, technical representation, and the ability to deliver real results.

A proven model for connecting real business needs with real solutions, FFX is built around the highest respect for the time and position of the attendees. As a result, the entire event is driven by the specific needs of its attendees, making FFX the only meeting of its kind.

Growers representing 395,000 acres attended FFX in 2019 (1).png

“The opportunity to learn this much information isn’t available in any other format. The expertise & experience of the fellow successful farms was invaluable as we developed new understanding & created new friendships.”



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