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How EX Works.

We do the research and legwork so that you can focus on real conversations and results.

Exclusivity. One sponsor per category and each brings a partner as a guest. Sponsors meet with their guest as well as others, delivering value by creating the opportunity to deepen existing partnerships and create new ones.

Detailed Preparation. Detailed profiles outline each buyer’s needs and challenges prior to the eXchange, so you know what solutions to showcase in advance for each individual meeting.

Pre-eXchange Communication. Pre-eXchange call with each buyer to set an agenda for your onsite meeting that focuses on real opportunities you can act on today.

Real Discussions. At ExecutiveXchange, you meet for 40-minutes, not 15. This is not speed dating: you and your partnered buyers have real business to discuss.

Quality Time. A Partnership Enrichment Outing, which gives you the opportunity to take your top customer on an adventure of your choosing for some focused, strategic relationship building time.

Follow-Up. Tabulated, buyer survey responses regarding each individual meeting you conducted to help you continue creating strategic results all year long.