We are the best filter you can find.



You are charged with leading innovation, with initiating and shaping the ideas that will ensure your company’s ongoing success. But immediately, you run into a problem: noise. All the emails, all the phone calls. You could do nothing else all day but talk to sales people, and you still wouldn’t get through them all. What’s worse, you wouldn’t get any closer to accomplishing your goals either.

It seems like the noise is a problem, but it’s not.

It’s an opportunity.

In that noise, there are some solutions that are perfect for your company. There are some companies that would make the ideal partners and could help you create bigger success than you could ever achieve alone. You just need a better filter. That’s what we do.


How VerticalXchange helps companies:

Identify potential partners who are an ideal fit for your company’s DNA.

Establish senior-level relationships with those companies to fuel truly strategic partnerships.


Core eXchanges

Through our core eXchanges, we do this in several industries

  • Agriculture
  • Cybersecurity
  • Commercial and residential development / management
  • Food and beverage
  • Homebuilding
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Physical security

Private eXchanges

What if you want to move your whole company forward at once? Maybe you're ready to get all of your senior decision-makers together for strategic meetings with potential partners, or perhaps you need to bring together all of the manufacturers you represent with the end users you serve. A private eXchange might be the answer. We work directly with individual companies to create custom, private eXchanges that identify potential strategic partners to address a company’s entire strategic plan at once.

Custom Research

Strategic insight is at the heart of what we do. Our clients attend eXchanges (or create their own through custom eXchanges) because they understand that senior-level strategic partnerships with their suppliers and solution providers give them the unique insight they need to lead and shape their industries. But sometimes, you require further insight: into customer experience, into emerging trends, into your internal team perceptions. Whatever your need or goal, we can use our proprietary research methods and our network of experts to create a custom research program to create a clear picture of the insights that can guide your strategic direction.