Not Your Ordinary Peer Sharing Session


We serve leaders who are doing business in a loud, complicated world.

Technology is changing at light-speed and that rapidly changing technology has made it easier for information—and in many cases—disinformation to reach and influence the masses. The military has a term for it: they call it VUCA* world. That’s V-U-C-A … it stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.


If you want to conquer VUCA world challenges, you need your top strategic thinkers and leaders, which is convenient, since that’s exactly who we bring together at our eXchanges. During each eXchange, we bring all of those thought leaders together for a peer-to-peer strategic problem solving session we call KnowledgeXchange.

Our whole purpose at VerticalXchange is to bring industry leaders together to form strategic partnerships, so the people who understand our value tend to be the leaders with strategic vision. In recent years, those leaders have told us that they would like to spend some time at our eXchanges to put that vision to use, discussing the big challenges their industries are facing and creating steps toward solving them. And that’s why created KnowledgeXchange.

This is not a presentation. It's not a speech. It's an active problem solving session where our attendees challenge the status quo and create steps toward something better for their industries.

*Read more about VUCA and leadership at Forbes


For More Information

To find out more about KnowledgeXchange, contact Juli Anne Patty or contact the director of your industry's eXchange directly.

Juli Anne Patty
Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer