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You design and build more than just HVAC systems: you build environments. You make it possible for buildings⏤and the people inside them⏤to breathe, and you do it in more efficient, more effective ways all the time. But you also face rising costs, dwindling labor resources, and ever-increasing client expectations. What’s more, you face wave after wave of new technology, and each advancement presents as many potential challenges as it does solutions. What you need most  are answers.


As an expert in design/build mechanical contracting, you’ve no doubt created solutions to some of your biggest challenges. What if you could share some of your biggest successes with your peers and learn from their big wins as well?

Now you can.



Where + When

Sunday, September 30
3 - 5 pm


KnowledgeXchange _ Transparent.png
The KnowledgeXchange experience:

We’re bringing the design/build mechanical contractor leaders together for the inaugural KnowledgeXchange Peer Group, hosted as part of the three-day MechanicalXchange (MX) experience. MX will deliver two days of strategic meetings with solution and technology providers matched to your specific needs, followed by a third day dedicated to your KnowledgeXchange, in which you will

  • Work with fellow industry leaders to develop action steps toward some of your industry’s biggest challenges
  • Learn best practices from your peers
  • Develop peer relationships that will deliver expertise and value throughout the year
  • Establish strategic partnerships with technology and solution providers who can help you solve today’s challenges and keep you ahead of tomorrow’s.