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“Our biggest takeaway from coming to MechanicalXchange is that we get to meet the suppliers, vendors and people we work with every day on a much higher level. We don’t get the opportunity to talk to the upper management, the executive level of the suppliers and vendors, day to day, so this gives us an opportunity to make those connections. And Hill York is a very relationship-based company.”
 Jeff Phillabaum, President, Hill York
“You’re getting direct to manufacturers, that level of trust between the two companies that you’re going to develop that relationship and the partnering which is everything from innovation, technology, training, all those things.”
Jim, Manager of Preconstruction, Herman Goldner Company, Inc.
“It gets us direct contact, focused for 40 minutes, with the key decision makers. We could make sales calls. You could hire young sales people. You could go knocking on doors. You could spend weeks and months trying to get to the right people. And it seemed to be reciprocal with the people we met with: they were trying to get to the key decision makers in our company, and we’re trying to get to theirs. So it worked mutually for both parties.”
Earle Pfefferkorn, President, Packaged Boiler Systems