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Business takes place at a lot of levels. There are sales reps. There are procurement departments. All of these things are necessary, but they aren't strategic. If you're ready to start building strategic partnerships with the senior executives at the companies you do business with, you need to add a new strategy into your business plan.

You need MechanicalXchange. 



HVAC Industry Leaders Meet at MechancialXchange to Form Their Most Critical Strategic Partnerships

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"MechanicalXchange offers a unique approach to finding new vendor partners who fit our strategic initiatives and support our role as an industry leader. It produces results."

Jim Wharton, Vice President of Operations



Strategic partnership in action

“Our local reps have impediments to meeting someone like Jeff Phillabaum. These reps operate at the street level; they may never be successful in getting to the level of a Jeff Phillabaum who may often delegate sales calls to someone else in his organization.”

Davis Watkins, Vice President, Sanyo


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