Food and beverage processing has always been serious business.

Your work feeds the world, and you’re responsible for the safety of America’s food supply.

And the challenges just keep on coming. 

The public wants input and transparency into every step of food creation. 

They have demands about acceptable processes and sources, too. What’s more, waves of new technology keep coming, and each one presents as many potential challenges as it does solutions. 

How is a food and beverage processor supposed to stay agile enough to adapt while also keeping costs in control and incorporating process and product innovation that will give you a competitive edge? 

You need strategic partners. You need ProcessTechnologyXchange. 


“For new vendors to be able to get 50 minutes of my time--outside of the way PTX is set up--would be very difficult.”

– Steve Valesko Vice President of Engineering Butterball


learn about how ptx helped kraft

“I would tell you that the benefit that we’ve already obtained from our relationship that developed between us and the supplier has already paid for the 10 senior members of the Kraft team being there."

Lloyd Cochran, Engineering Standards Manager

Kraft Foods

Cut through the noise.

We know that senior executives receive hundreds of calls and emails every week from solution providers. We also know that senior food and beverage executives have far more important things to do than wade through a million pitches to find the solution providers that have potential as a strategic partner. We can silence the noise and help ideally-suited executives and solution providers find each other and kick off industry-shaping partnerships.

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