"We have partners who started at nothing that are doing millions for us today who we met right here at SecurityXchange."

Tony Varco, vice president, Convergint Technologies

You need to reach some of the hardest to connect with people in your industry: the decision makers. Those decision-makers--senior executive security leaders--trust us to help them find ideal solution providers and initiate strategic conversations, and that trust starts with one, critical aspect: we are solutions agnostic. We advocate for successful strategic relationships, not for any particular technology or solution. 

Our process begins with a deep dive into our security leaders' needs, challenges and company profile, and then we match each director with solution providers that have the potential to make a successful strategic partnership.

Maintaining a network of the world's best security solution providers is mission-critical. We are always interested in learning about qualified, advanced technology and service providers. If you are interested in becoming part of our network of potential solution provider matches, contact SecurityXchange Director Michael Pilato.