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Where TV/Media technology leaders meet.

NAB Show is partnering with industry-leading meeting strategist, VerticalXchange, to produce and host an all-new series of events featuring one-on-one business meetings for television and video professionals with pre-qualified technology companies.

TVXchange, presented by NAB Show, is the first event in this series. Over three days, curated and confidential meetings will take place between sponsor companies and senior media technology executives and their buying teams to discuss both short and long-term initiatives, product needs, and specific budgeted projects.

There are no meetings for the sake of meetings.

Working together with sponsors and attendees, our team will conduct extensive research to ensure each attendee at TVXchange experiences strategic, mutually-beneficial conversations that make progress toward their objectives.

Tentative Categories Include:

  • Acquisition and production

  • Networking/IT/Security/Infrastructure

  • Display Systems

  • Distribution and delivery

  • Management and systems

  • Post-production

A year of results: just two days of meetings.

By focusing on a select group of companies representing both the buyers and the sellers, this program is built-to-suit based on participant’s needs. The unique environment and location of the event also helps to foster more business and networking between all participants.

·   Accelerated Results – Bypass additional months of research. We’ll work together to uncover your needs and challenges, then match you with meetings to provide you with immediate solutions.

·   Strategic Partnerships – Expand upon the meetings and conversations held during NAB Show. These one-on-one conversations allow you to develop and deepen mutually beneficial partnerships with top decision-makers and solution providers.

·   Actionable Outcomes – Every meeting you participate in addresses a specific need or purpose. You and your partners can create real plans and next steps that immediately impact your business.

The NAB Show TVXchange invites you to experience two days of customized meetings…

Based on mutual interest.

With senior executive, strategic decision makers.

Tailored to each media technology executive’s specific initiatives & needs.

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Where + When

AUGUST 16-19, 2020

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