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What DairyXchange attendees have to say



“The great thing about DairyXchange is the type of producer that is involved, they’re the type of producer we really want to gain a lot of knowledge from. Add to that, we love the interaction and the knowledge we gain from the different producers, regardless of what part of the country they come from.”
– Senior Leader, Animal Health Company

 “After a lot of trade shows, for us we leave the show and it’s always a concern, did we get our bang-for-the-buck? With DairyXchange, every year, we’ve been able to quantify yes we did and ‘here’s why’ – whether that is through sales or through the information we were able to gain from those meetings.”
– Vice President, Milking Parlor Company


 “You’ve already established where your interests lie, and what they concern, so that everything is sort of tailored in terms of conversations you have here to be as effective and efficient as possible.”
– Charlie DeGroot, Three Amigos Dairy, New Mexico

“DairyXchange has made it rather than a salesman on a commission, you’ve got the people that anytime own the company or the president – it’s not just the local sales rep – there’s been a lot of things way past expectations.”
– Dick Behgen, Ruby Ridge Dairy, Washington

“The DairyXchange has been an excellent format to bring together the top dairy operators in the U.S. with the leaders of key dairy suppliers in a meeting set up to be very productive for both dairy producer and supplier. The meeting format allows both the dairy producer and suppliers to be well prepared for a very productive discussion. For the suppliers, this setting is unique to any other format, with distraction free meetings and a very professional setting. For producers, they have a chance to network with some of the most progressive dairy operators in the U.S.”
- Lyle Kruse, VP US Market Development, Select Sires Inc.