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Why attend SecurityXchange

We host a series of one-on-one private meetings with executives from security solutions vendors providing an efficient venue for you to fill the gap of information that often exists between you and executives leading these technology companies. These are private, closed-door meetings, the opposite setting of a tradeshow, more than a meet & greet – actually, serious business meetings prepared for in advance.


The industry's only opportunity to

  • Experience private meetings with solution providers matched to your needs through our proven nine step proprietary process.
  • Benefit from a pre-set strategic agenda to maximize meeting results.
  • Make immediate progress with no distractions: no cell phones, no interruptions, no frenzied meetings: just a relaxed atmosphere where strategic conversations can thrive.
  • Meet with senior executives: with the security leadership teams of customers in the same room as the senior executives of leading solutions providers - actual results happen.
  • Ensure return on investment in the form of ongoing strategic partnerships based on successful business outcomes.

Why SecurityXchange is unique:

  • It’s custom. As security professionals, custom is your business. Everything you create and deliver is custom. Isn’t it about time something is customized to your needs for once?
  • It’s practical. More results come out of these strategically arranged 40-minute meetings between senior executives than any number of hours spent walking the floors of a trade show, navigating websites or fielding cold calls from local reps.
  • It’s forward-looking. Not only will you have the opportunity to find solutions you can use today, you will have the opportunity to build relationships with the senior-level management of companies important to your success and get an inside look at their technology roadmaps.
  • It’s affordable. As our guest, you will have access to a scholarship to greatly reduce or cover the costs to this custom solution process.
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