Is saying NO to travel hurting your business? Three ways to fix that.

business travel infographic.jpeg

What if you could travel once and have all your face-to-face meetings in one place?

You can reduce your travel budget and STILL have the face-to-face meetings you need. But not every face-to-face meeting has the same potential and impact. Here are three ways you can create a truly effective one-on-one meeting:

  • Select carefully. Use your face-to-face time wisely and save those meetings for companies or individuals who have the potential to be true partners, not just one-time transactions.
  • Think strategically. Make sure at least some of your meeting time addresses long-term, big picture issues. How do your business plans align? Can you create efficiencies or solve problems together?
  • Set an agenda. A pre-meeting phone call is crucial to maximizing your on-site time together. In 15 to 30 minutes, you can agree on an agenda that allows you to hit the ground running when you get in the same room.

You can do all of these things yourself and you’ll triple the effectiveness of your face-to-face meetings. But you could also have all of those face-to-face meetings in one place, with one plane ticket and only three days out of the office. Why not do less, spend less and achieve more all at the same time?

Juli Patty